Bear & Scully:

Discussing Life's Realities!

Welcome to the “No BS with B&S” podcast! We’re Bear and Scully – lifelong friends on a mission to bring you valuable content that matters while having the craic!

Bear and Scully are not your typical podcast hosts. They are a dynamic duo, and their friendship runs deep. Their commitment to authenticity is unwavering. In the “No BS with B&S” podcast, they aim to provide listeners with content that’s as real as it gets. They don’t sugarcoat anything, and they’re not afraid to tackle tough topics head-on.

Big Vloggers

Join Bear and Scully on their adventures where they’re all about enjoying the craic, living life to the full, and having a lot of fun along the way. From hilarious antics to heartwarming moments, their vlogs are a rollercoaster of laughter and joy. So, get ready for some epic adventures and a whole lot of messing about with these two lively vlogging sensations!