Bear & Scully:

Discussing Life's Realities!

Welcome to the “No BS with B&S” podcast! We’re Bear and Scully – lifelong friends on a mission to bring you valuable content that matters while having the craic!

About us

Bear and Scully are not your typical podcast hosts. They are a dynamic duo, and their friendship runs deep. Their commitment to authenticity is unwavering. In the “No BS with B&S” podcast, they aim to provide listeners with content that’s as real as it gets. They don’t sugarcoat anything, and they’re not afraid to tackle tough topics head-on.

What to Expect

When you tune in to “No BS with B&S,” you can expect to hear raw, unfiltered discussions that shine a light on life’s harsh realities. This is not a podcast for fluff or superficial conversations. Instead, Bear and Scully engage in honest dialogues that dive deep into crucial issues. They explore topics like trauma, addictions, crime, and other essential aspects of life that often go unaddressed.

Join the Conversation

But “No BS with B&S” isn’t just about Bear and Scully talking; it’s about inviting you, the listener, to join the conversation. They aim to break down barriers and foster a sense of community among their audience. They encourage you to tune in, share your thoughts, and participate in the dialogue as they explore these important subjects that need to be heard.

Bear & Scully, keeping it real. #NoBSwithBS #BearAndScullyPodcast #HonestConversations

Bear and Scully are on a mission to provide a platform where authenticity reigns supreme. Their podcast serves as a safe space where listeners can engage in meaningful discussions about topics often considered taboo or uncomfortable. By keeping it real and addressing life’s realities head-on, Bear and Scully hope to inspire positive change and encourage others to have their own honest conversations.